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About Us

Ground Gear imports and sells grass raking gear and hard metal consumables for cultivation and drilling. We are an independent, agile and forward-thinking NZ-owned operation who are proud of what we do and the customers we work with across the country.

Having the flexibility to adapt to changing environments in agriculture makes Ground Gear industry leaders.

Our Approach

Specific Challenges, Specific Solutions

Rather than applying a one-size-fits-all approach, we work closely with our manufacturing & development partners in Europe to provide solutions that perfectly match our customers’ needs. We understand soil conditions, terrain, climate and farming so have an in-depth knowledge of what our clients are working with and how we can help them meet their objectives.

Ground Gear also imports innovative hard-wearing materials which when crafted into tough parts will outlast the best OEM parts on the market: the hardest boron steel and the hardest and best protected tungsten parts in the world. Our parts directly match the needs of the tillage industry in very abrasive soils.

Put simply, Ground Gear provides agriculture-specific ground-engaging hard-metal solutions, plus solutions to other specific problems in the market through experience in the field, innovation and sourcing expertise.

The Benefits

Quality Parts Saves Costs

The traditional parts- market leaves you with no choice but to replace your equipment parts frequently and often. Ground Gear offers parts solutions that can take on all abrasive, volcanic and rocky soils and provide year-on-year consistent and predictable wear, optimal fitment and superb return on investment. Buy once, buy well. Ground Gear parts last and our weld-on Ferobide strips and tiles turn average alternatives into armour-plated versions that go the distance. 

The benefit to the ‘contracting’ customer is two-fold: Less stripping of machines for maintenance and increased service intervals, downtime = income lost. In the field working = income made and profits generated.

For every extra acre that the part stays on the machine doing its job, your overall annual parts replacement cost is lowered. Of the utmost importance you are saving time as well as money.

Soil Engaging Parts

Disc Blades / Soil Cultivators

Spend less time in ‘repair’ mode with the highest quality hard metal consumables. With superior European design and manufacturing, these soil engaging parts are ideal for the New Zealand terrain and conditions and can take the most extreme punishment, significantly saving costs on wear and tear.

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Find out more
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